Your Storm Technology Checklist
The Wertheim UF Scripps Information Technology Department's Tropical Weather Action Plan

Quick Storm Checklist for Labs

dropbox backup screengrab
Backup your data in Dropbox. Set sync to local for any files you’ll need to work on from home when/if the power goes out.

How to protect your computer during a hurricane:

  1. Back up your data. A good resource for this can be Dropbox or Ishtar.
  2. Shut down your computer and turn off your monitor. You should also turn off any peripherals, such as printers and external drives.
  3. Unplug the power cords from all devices. UF Scripps may lose power during a storm. Surges can happen when power is restored. Unplugging from the wall will help ensure the devices will be protected.
  4. Unplug the network cable going to your computer, as well as your desk printer.
  5. Move any computers near a Window and off the floor.
  6. Information Technology will be checking on systems before campus closure and will unplug any systems left plugged in. If your system needs to remain powered on, please make IT aware. Any systems left plugged in, should be on a surge protector OR a UPS unit.

What to do when you return:

  1. Remove any covering you placed over your computer. If the covering is wet, DO NOT plug in the computer. Notify IT.
  2. Plug in the power cords to all devices.
  3. Turn on the equipment starting with the peripheral devices first.
  4. Turn on your computer and monitor.

Detailed Storm Instructions for Information Technology

Before the Storm

120 hours before campus closure:

  • Identify your key staff members, remote workers and/or team with defined roles for preparedness and response planning.
  • Have contact information for all key employees (lab managers) and administrative staff on hand.

72 hours before campus closure:

  • Back up all data on Wertheim UF Scripps Institute computers 24 to 36 hours before landfall. Be sure the data is accessible from home.
  • Set Dropbox to sync the folders you need to work on to local, in case you lose power and need to work at home.
  • Ishtar can be used as a backup for lab data. Users should know that Ishtar access may be lost during the hurricane.

24 hours before campus closure:

  • Deploy systems/laptops to users identified to work from home. Log detailed information on the equipment provided, such as the service tag, condition etc.
  • Shutdown all computers and printers at close of business. Confirm which equipment must remain connected to a power source. Check the integrity of any uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
  • Unplug Ethernet cables from the back of computers, docking stations, phones, faxes, and printers; unplug monitors and other computer peripherals from the wall outlet or surge protector.
  • Place all computers and other technology on top of desks or other high and dry locations, away from windows and doors. Determine if laptops should be taken home or placed in a secure location.
  • Cover equipment with plastic sheeting if building is prone to leaks. DO NOT cover equipment that is plugged in or powered on.
  • Move systems away from doors and windows.

During the Storm

Midjourney AI illustration of a computer on a stormy day
  • Confirm you have the contact details (cell/email) for IT staff.
  • Monitor any equipment that must remain connected to a power source.
  • IT members will monitor emails/teams chat for updates.
  • Continue to communicate with all key personnel until the storm has passed.

After the Storm

  • Wait until the location or affected area is declared safe before traveling to and entering the site.

Upon return to campus:

  • IT personnel check system ticketing system for any major tickets (i.e. wet or damaged equipment).
  • Take note of the condition of the computer equipment. If it is visibly damaged or appears to be wet, do not plug the equipment in or turn it on.
  • Computer equipment should not be turned on if electrical power is unstable.
  • Note that central services such as network connectivity, network file servers or email servers may not be available immediately when power is restored.
  • When campus opens, return the computers to their original locations, and reattach all peripherals. Plug in all power cords/Ethernet cables as they were before and turn the computer on. Take note of error messages.

If you have any error messages or concerns about general IT issues, please contact IT at: 561-228-2850 or

For AV related services, please contact Jerrold and Mike at or 561-228-2850

Name Title Department Business Phone Email
Justin B Wolowitz MGR, IT SR-IT SERVICES (561) 228-2626
Michael C Roberts End User Computing Spec III – AV Support SR-IT SERVICES (561) 228-2428
Bernard Brown End User Computing Spec III SR-IT SERVICES (561) 228-2876

Vincent Fragiacomo, Information Technology specialist I

(Last updated 08/23/2023 SSD)