Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Tools of structural biology

Chemistry molecule by molecule

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, or NMR for short, cools molecular samples to near absolute zero, and suspends them within a powerful electromagnet, where they are hit with pulses of electromagnetic energy. The data captured enables scientists to determine the sample's structure as well as the nature of its bonds.

A protein called tau, if spliced incorrectly, can cause diseases like Alzheimer's. Here, an NMR study done for Disney lab at UF Scripps reveals structural insights that helped the group develop potential medicines for tau-related diseases.

NMR equipment at UF Scripps in Jupiter, Florida.
The NMR Core at UF Scripps allows scientists to characterize the nature and structure of molecules under study.

Resources and Equipment

The core has four Bruker nuclear magnetic resonance instruments:

  • Bruker AVANCE III 700 MHz instruments with QCI Cryoprobe.
  • Bruker AVANCE NEO 600 MHz instruments with TCI Cryoprobe and SampleCase
  • Bruker AVANCE NEO 400 MHz instruments with SampleXpress
  • Bruker AVANCE 400 MHz instruments with SampleXpress

Those instruments perform all sorts of multi-dimension NMR experiments, and detect a variety of nuclei.

By connecting these highly sensitive instruments to the internet via a proprietary Scripps Florida server, our scientists and their collaborators can access the collected data from their office or laboratory.


  • Training
  • Various experiments set-up
  • Data collection and analysis

While priority of use is always given to Scripps Research Florida researchers, time on the instruments is also made available on a fee-for-service basis to outside users.
(Subject to change; call for current pricing and quotes)

Fee-for-Service Pricing

All spectra are run by Scripps Florida personnel, and results are accessible to outside customers by a proprietary Internet link.

  •     Time on 400 MHz instrument: $60/hour
  •     Time on 600/700 MHz instrument: $120/hour


Scientific director

Xiangming Kong
(561) 228-2123