Information Technology

For the UF Scripps Community

How to Contact the Help Desk

Scientists, staff and students should address IT concerns by contacting our local Help Desk. The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute Help Desk serves faculty, staff and students working and studying on the institute campus in Jupiter, FL.

Patrick Griffin, Ph.D. meets virtually with UF Scripps department chairs.

How to Connect With Us

Jupiter Information Systems Help Desk

Phone on campus: x 1-2850
External phone: (561) 228-2850
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST
Location: Building B, B223
Mail drop: 2B2
Fax: (561) 228-3093

How we can help you

Services We Provide

Information Systems provides a wide range of services to support research, education, office productivity and administrative functions to every employee and student based at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute. These services include:
– Network access and administration
– Microsoft Office 365 for e-mail and productivity
– Desktop support for UF Scripps-owned computers
– High-performance computing (HPC)
– Data backup and archiving
– Video conferencing

Telecommunications Tips

Dial 9 or not? Tips for Making Calls from your Desk Phone

We dial 911 in case of emergencies, but we also dial 9 for an outside line. To avoid inadvertently bringing emergency responders to our doorstep, please take care to understand how to correctly make calls from your desk phone.

Calling Within the Institute

If you’re calling someone here on our campus, you do NOT dial 9. Simply dial 1 plus the four-digit extension.

To call the front security desk, for example, you pick up the phone then press 1-2757. To call the Office of Communications, dial 1-2551. Use the UF Health Directory to quickly find phone numbers.

Calling Within the University of Florida System

To reach our colleagues on the University of Florida’s Gainesville campus, you do NOT dial 9 or 1. Simply dial the last five digits of their phone number. So to call the UF Library West, for example, you dial 3-2525.

UF Health uses a different system than the campus. To call UF Health numbers, dial 5, then the last five digits of the phone number. You’ll hear a tone as you enter the digit after 5. 

Calling Outside Numbers

To reach parties outside of our campus or UF, you DO dial 9 and then—this is important—wait for a second dial tone.

After hearing that second dial tone, you must then dial 1 plus the area code, even to call numbers within our local community.

(Note, if you only dial the last seven digits of the local phone number after dialing 9 for an outside line, the system inserts Gainesville’s 352 area code, so you will get a wrong number.)

Checking Your Voice Mail

Press the Messages key, which looks like an old cassette tape. Enter your password. Listen for the prompt.

Record Your Greeting

Press the Messages key. Enter your password. Listen, and press 4 for “Setup Options,” then 1 for “Greetings.” Press 1 to change your greeting. Follow the prompts.