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Network for Women in Science

Lead with impact. Find a hidden talent. Inspire aspiring young people interested in a STEM career. Connect with other leading women scientists in the region and build your network.

Network for Women in Science

Members of the Florida campus of Scripps Research and the Max Planck Research Institute have come together to form the Network for Women in Science (NWiS). Whether it’s being part of the executive committee or joining as a member, NWiS offers the opportunity to lead with impact and purpose. We tackle issues and find solutions to problems affecting scientists. We also offer leadership training sessions where members can find their hidden talents. Our network is comprised of a diverse pool of scientists at every level.

Notice: Campus interest groups are independent entities and are not official units of Scripps Research. Therefore, Scripps Research is not responsible for the acts or omissions of or views and opinions expressed by campus interest groups and/or any members/persons acting on behalf of the groups.

Network and Learn

One way to inspire women to reach their full potential and give them strength to pursue a specific career is to invite speakers who can share valuable experiences with us.

  • Lunch with faculty: These informal lunches are key to receiving career advice. The small group setting allows for great discussions.
  • Coffee with future PIs: Understand the full process of becoming a faculty member and some tips for the interview process.
  • Meet the leaders: Learn how leaders manage work/life balance and discover alternative careers outside of academic research.


NWiS proudly works with the Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County and supports their annual Girls Leadership Institute & STEM Academy. The goal of this event is to empower more than 150 middle and high school girls to be leaders in STEM.

Stay Motivated

Our network provides support and has become a great way for many scientists to meet new colleagues and socialize during lunch breaks. We uplift each other, discuss potential issues and help each other find solutions.

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We welcome all genders, and aim to build a community of support to foster the careers of scientists through community outreach, career workshops, and bias education.