Events Checklist
Everything you need to know to host an event at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute

Caterers at RNA symposium
  • What room do you need? Check space availability: Contact Ruben Flores.
  • Will you require assistance with audio-visual matters? Alert our IT Department as soon as possible.
  • You’ll need room setup and cleanup. To make those arrangements, notify Facilities at and provide information on the following:
  • Your preferred room setup.
  • Additional tables or chairs.
  • Is a registration table needed?
  • Will you need to arrange for cooling in the Auditorium? Air conditioning needs should be communicated.
  • Cleaning services needed? Contact
  • Auditorium needed? Note no food or drink in auditorium. The party who reserves the auditorium is responsible for ensuring attendees adhere to the policy. Have a table available for attendees to leave their drinks prior to entering. Check auditorium after the event for mess or stains and notify
  • Request “Wertheim UF Scripps Event” parking signs be posted outside, if desired.
  • Catering  may be possible via Chartwells by contacting  Carlos Dias or through another UF registered vendor.
  • All outside caterers must have a current food certification and insurance. Please contact Adrian Orozco, Procurement, for current status.
  • If alcohol is being served at the event, the caterer must have liquor liability insurance coverage. Please contact Adrian Orozco, in Procurement, for current status.
  • Before making any contractual arrangements, contact Adrian Orozco in Procurement. (561) 228-2066.
  • Before selling sponsorship opportunities, contact Adrian Orozco in Procurement. (561) 228-2066.
  • For help with media, photography or new webpage/ web signup and registration needs, contact Stacey DeLoye in Communications. (561) 228-2551.
  • Check room availability and keep track of what events are planned at the institute by opening Outlook and adding the calendar named SCRPS-Events.

Please note: To receive approval to hold an event on the café or patio, please email

more information on planning your event

Find the checklist, room reservation instructions, room layout options and more in this Dropbox folder.

Room Capacity

Room Capacity Email to reserve notes
Auditorium 259 SCRPS-BLDGB-RM157-Auditrm Approval required
Classroom B-158 60 SCRPS-BLDGB-RM158 Class ––
Classroom B-159 60 SCRPS-BLDGB-RM159 Class ––
Board Room 30 SCRPS-BLDGB-RM252-253 Executive Approval required
Founders Room 80 SCRPS-BLDGB-RM252-253 Executive Approval required

Rooms With ‘Zoom Room’ Capabilities

Room name Email to reserve notes
Classroom A-116
Auditorium, Room B-157 Approval required
Conference Room A-312 ––
Conference Room A-212 ––
Classroom B-158 ––
Classroom B-159 ––
Conference Room B-214
Conference Room B-382 ––
Conference Room B-387 ––
Conference Room B-483 ––
Conference Room C-204 ––
Conference Room C-212 ––
Conference Room C-304 ––