Facilities and Operations

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How to Plan a Successful Event at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute

You'll want to follow this handy checklist.

The Facilities Services department has many campus responsibilities. They include:

  • Building Repairs (electrical, lights, furniture, locks, plumbing)
  • Key Requests
  • Pest Control
  • Furniture issues
  • Energy Management/Air Conditioning
  • Building Systems & Infrastructure (electrical systems, domestic & industrial water, building deionized & reverse osmosis water, building vacuum system, compressed air system, building steam, HVAC)
  • Lab Equipment such as autoclaves, sterilizers, glass dryers, and film developers.
  • Freezer needs for defrost, loaner, alarm questions, or relocation (not repairs)
  • Refill or replacement of non-mixed, non-specialty gases (Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, etc.).
  • Requests to move equipment or mount anything on walls.
  • Patching or painting requests.
  • Event Set-Up Requests

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Contacting Facilities Services

For help with a Facilities Services issue, UF Scripps personnel should submit a ticket to Facilities Services, SCRPS-FLService@mail.ufl.edu.

Facilities and operations

Event Planning Information

Events held at UF Scripps relate directly to our core mission of biomedical research and science education, and require a relationship with a trustee, executive or faculty member. When planning an event, please check with Facilities for space availability. Also, please use the attached events checklist to ensure you’ve reached out to appropriate departments and personnel, so that rooms are equipped as needed.

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Facilities and operations

Building Services

Building Services is responsible for handling many of your day-to-day operations issues. Our services encompass many different areas including security, custodial services, cafeteria and food services, building infrastructure modifications, capital equipment, poster plotting, fitness center, and glass washing. We encourage you to contact our department if you have any questions related to these areas and we will be happy to try and help find a resolution to your inquiry. We look forward to taking care of your building-related issues so you can focus on your business, science.

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