Career and Professional Development Office

Postdoctoral Research Associate Nathanial Noyes, Ph.D. discusses his work on memory consolidation genetics with Neuroscience Professor Ron Davis, Ph.D.

The Career and Professional Development Office at UF Scripps helps empower postdoctoral trainees to successfully prepare for a variety of professional endeavors by promoting a culture of informed, proactive, and strategic career planning.

The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute’s Career and Professional Development Office provides:

  • personalized one-on-one career counseling
  • targeted career workshops, including resume writing, interview preparation, academic job searches, and more
  • information about career trajectories, job opportunities, funding resources, and more

We aim to promote a community of excellence in graduate and postdoctoral training and are here to help you develop the agency and professional skills to achieve your career goals.

Pursuing Postdoctoral Training at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute

The scientists at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute bridge chemistry and biology to pursue discoveries that range from the most fundamental insights about life, to translational, therapeutic gamechangers that can enter the clinic and possibly change lives for the better. Our scientists collaborate across disciplines to empower innovation at unparalleled speed, working with unique resources typically found only in pharmaceutical company R&D facilities. Founded by innovative scientists from Scripps Research and some of the world’s most prestigious universities and pharmaceutical companies, this institute pushes the boundaries of human knowledge to advance human health and train future scientists.

Postdoctoral Resources and Policies

Postdoctoral researchers at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute join a community of more than 700 postdoctoral researchers at the University of Florida. Information on resources, policies, programs and career resources can be found at the UF Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Contact Us

Career and professional development office

 If you are a graduate student in need of career and professional development assistance, please contact If you are a postdoc, please reach out to Rosie Albarran Zeckler, Ph.D.,

Students of the Skaggs Graduate School of Chemical and Biological Sciences are welcome to contact for career and professional development needs.