Murine Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

The Technology

The Hatteras blood pressure and heart rate monitoring can record 4 wake, restrained mice at a time. The system uses optical sensors coupled with tail-cuffs that inflate and deflate to obtain systolic and diastolic arterial pressure as well as heart rate.


Melissa Kazantzis: (561) 228-2898


C105 (Vivarium).

Getting it Done

Scientists can obtain a free training to become independent certified users of the Instrument. Contact Melissa for the training. Blood pressure/ heart rate monitoring studies require IACUC pre-approval. We offer a template AUP (see below) that users can modify as needed to obtain their lab-specific AUP for this procedure.


Scripps Research Community: $45 per diem (plus labor when applicable).

External Academic and External for-profits: $45 per diem plus applicable indirect costs.