Mouse Feeding and Drinking Monitoring in Real Time

The Technology

The BioDAQ system continuously monitor the eating and drinking patterns of single housed mice in real time, hands-free. In contrast to humans, mice meals comprise a number of independent small bouts of chow intake. The number, size and duration of such bouts are controlled by a number of neuro-endocrine and metabolic mechanisms. Manually weighting the animal chow as daily endpoints stresses the animal and affects its feeding behavior. Hence, the data from manual assessment of animal food and fluid intake can be inaccurate and incomplete.


 Melissa Kazantzis: (561) 228-2898


Contact Melissa to get a free instrument training. Training duration: about 1.5 hours


C105 (Vivarium).

Getting it Done

To be able to run BioDAQ experiments on your own, please schedule your mandatory free certification training. Certified Scripps FL users must pre-book the instrument on our Outlook calendar system and operate the instrument according to its posted guidelines.

Feeding studies require IACUC pre-approval. We offer a template AUP (see below) that users can modify as needed to obtain their lab-specific AUP for this procedure.


Scripps Research Community: $85 per diem.

External Academic: $85 per diem plus applicable indirect costs (plus labor if/when applicable).

External for profit: $85 per hour plus applicable indirect costs and labor.

Feeding and Drinking Studies AUP (only accessible through intranet).