Mouse Body Composition by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The Bruker LF-50 minispec determines body composition of wake restrained mice based on the magnetic properties of different tissues. Fat, lean and fluid masses are obtained within seconds.


 Melissa Kazantzis: (561) 228-2898


C105 (Vivarium).

Getting it Done

Scientists can obtain a free training to become independent certified users of the Instrument. Contact Melissa for the training. Certified Scripps FL users must pre-book the instrument on our Outlook calendar system and operate the instrument according to its posted guidelines.

Body composition studies require IACUC pre-approval. We offer a template AUP (see below) that users can modify as needed to obtain their lab-specific AUP for this procedure.


Scripps Research Community: $125 per hour.

External Academic: $125 per hour plus applicable indirect costs (plus labor if/when applicable).

External for-profit: $125 per hour plus applicable indirect costs and labor

Body Composition by NMR AUP

Body Composition by NMR AUP (only accessible through intranet).