In Vivo Imaging with the Lago X

The Technology

The Lago X In Vivo Imager has Bioluminescence and Fluorescence imaging capabilities. It also has an X-ray imaging mode that can be overlaid for anatomical reference of the acquired signals. The Fluorescence illumination is LED based, with 14 excitation wavelengths and 20 emission filters. The mouse capacity of the imaging chamber is 10 mice on a 25cm x 25cm field of view.


Melissa Kazantzis: (561) 228-2898


C105 (Inside the Vivarium)

Getting it Done

To become an independent user of the instrument, contact us for a free training (training duration ~ 50 minutes). If you plan to use the X-Ray feature of the instrument, an additional RUA certification by EH&S is required (Please, contact Ashish Sawant for that). Certified Scripps users must pre book the instrument on our Outlook calendar system and operate the instrument according to its posted guidelines. In Vivo imaging studies require IACUC pre-approval. We offer a template AUP that users can modify as needed to obtain their lab-specific AUP for this procedure.

Analysis Software

The AURA software used for the analysis of the .ami image files obtained in the Lago X is free to all users. PC and Mac options available. Download at


Scripps Research Community: $55 per hour.

External Academic: $55 per hour plus applicable indirect costs (plus labor if/when applicable).

External for-profit: $55 per hour plus applicable indirect costs and labor.

In Vivo Imaging AUP

In Vivo Imaging AUP (only accessible through intranet).