Animal Energy Expenditure

The Technology

The Comprehensive Laboratory Animals Metabolic System (CLAMS) records the metabolic rate of single-housed, freely moving mice in real-time by indirect calorimetry. The system samples air from the air-tight individual animal cages at regular intervals and uses high-precision oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors to obtain O2 consumption (VO2) and CO2 production (VCO2) rates that can be converted to whole-body metabolism. The respiratory gases exchange rate is also obtained and informs on the relative contribution by carbohydrates versus fat that is supporting the animal’s energy expenditure in real time. Infrared beams continuously record the animal’s movement.


Melissa Kazantzis: (561) 228-2898


C105 (In the Vivarium).

Getting It Done

Scientists can obtain a free training to become independent certified users of the Instrument. Contact Melissa for the training. Certified Scripps users must pre-book the instrument on our Outlook calendar system and operate the instrument according to its posted guidelines. CLAMS studies require IACUC pre-approval. We offer a template AUP (see below) that users can modify as needed to obtain their lab-specific AUP for this procedure.

Data Analysis: Our CLAMS Script

We have developed an R code Script that can analyze and plot your CLAMS raw data in an automated fashion. Contact us if you’re interested in it.

The Statistical Analysis of CLAMS data by ANCOVA

Metabolic Rates in wake moving animals are affected by a number of factors. It is of uttermost importance to appropriately account for such contributing factors in order to compare metabolic rates across experimental groups. We can assist you with the Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) of your metabolic results, which is the field’s gold-standard for such analysis.


Scripps Research Community: $225 per diem.

External Academic: $225 per diem plus applicable indirect costs (plus labor if/when applicable).

External for profit: $495 per diem (the external rate includes data analysis, indirect costs and all the animal handling by Scripps staff).

CLAMS studies AUP 

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