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How to Improve Your Critical Thinking

Sometimes daily stress or burn out could interfere with our ability to engage in critical thinking or focus on solutions. If you would like to improve your critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, or need to address any personal or work-related issue, feel free to contact Employee Counseling Services:

PREP Eligibility

Applicants who received their undergraduate degree less than two years prior to the start of PREP are eligible for the program.

Admission Guidelines

These are the materials you'll need to submit a complete application to the one-year PREP program at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute.

PREP Lab Project Examples

A sampling of the many research opportunities at The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute for participants in our year-long postbac research program, PREP.

Kenan High School Interns Arrive

With matching support from the Glenn W. Bailey Foundation, an additional 15 students will start their Kenan fellowships here on June 12.